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Revolutionize messaging. Instant engagement. Elevate your business with our advanced bulk SMS service.

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Promotional SMS

Short messages designed to promote products, services, or events, sent to a targeted audience.

Targeted Messaging

Engaging Content

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Compliance and Opt-Out

Transactional SMS

Automated messages providing essential information or updates related to transactions or account activities.

Informational Updates

Immediate Delivery

Personalized Content

High Priority

Alert SMS

Rapid notifications conveying urgent information or warnings to recipients, ensuring timely and critical communication in emergencies.

Instant Communication

Real-time Updates

Essential Information

Priority Messaging

How it works

Message Composition

Sender crafts a text.

Recipient Selection

Sender picks who gets it.

Message Distribution

Platform sends texts out in batches.

Delivery Confirmation

Sender gets delivery status.

Our Out Of The Box Features

Personalised Sender ID

Make your unique presence using our alphanumeric Sender ID feature.

Two Factor Authentication

Make the process safe and secure by employing 2FA.

Notifications & Alerts

Using our API, you can easily communicate with a large number of customers.

Web Panel

Our Easy to use Web Panel allows you to send SMS to contacts in an Excel File – in just few minutes.

Real Time Reports

Use our API to check the delivery status of SMS. Else check Analytical reports on our Web Panel.

Scheduled Campaigns

Now you can schedule your campaigns without having to worry about their delivery.

As CEO of Bulk SMS China, I lead a team dedicated to helping businesses connect with customers through fast, reliable messaging. We’re committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, making us the go-to choice for effective communication strategies

Lucy Dunkley

Chief Executive Officer

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